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Who played the Mormons?

When South Park creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, got together with composer and lyricist, Robert Lopez, they created the hilarious 2011 Broadway hit, The Book of Mormon. The musical tells the story of two teenage Mormon missionaries from Salt Lake city who were sent to a remote village in Northern Uganda with a goal to convert the natives to Mormonism so get your cheap Book of Mormon tickets online today. However, soon after their arrival in Uganda, their faith is brutally shaken when they are faced with the violence, disease and poverty plaguing the village.

The musical, described by Vogue magazine as “The funniest musical ever”, features several catchy songs and intricate dance routines, as well as an impressive cast of talented young actors. Since its debut in 2011, there have been many cast alterations. However, the comical plot remains unchanged. Nic Rouleau and Ben Platt steal the show with their hysterical portrayal of the teenage missionaries, Elder Kevin Price and Elder Arnold Cunningham respectively. Rouleau, who played Emmett in the comedy Legally Blonde, started out as the original stand-by for Elder Price before he returned to the show and ultimately took over the role full-time.

Ben Platt (Elder Arnold Cunningham), made his on-screen debut in 2013 as Benji Applebaum in the smash hit comedy Pitch Perfect. Other credits include The Music Man, Alice by Heart and Camelot. We cannot exclude the stellar performances by the other cast members, consisting of:

– Syesha Mercado, Season 7 “American Idol” finalist, plays the role of Nabulungi, a young Ugandan girl who dreams of moving to a better life in Salt Lake City.

– Matt Loehr, whose Broadway credits include Evita and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, plays the role of Elder McKinley, a closet-gay Mormon elder who refuses to come to terms with his sexual orientation and his attraction to men. Loehr also plays Elder Green and Angel Moroni.

– Daniel Breaker, of Law and Order; Criminal Intent as well as Shrek The Musical, plays the part of Mafala Hatimbi, father of Nabulungi and tour guide to the missionaries. His Broadway credits include Sondheim on Sondheim, Spamalot, Amour, Once Upon a Mattress and many others.

– Derrick Williams plays the murderous ruler of the Ugandan village where the teenage missionaries were sent to. In the show, he is known simply as The General. Williams is not new to comedy as his TV credits include Heart of Dixie, Numbers, Ghost Whisperer, and The Chapelle Show.

The ensemble cast is made up of numerous gifted young actors namely Stephen Christopher Anthony, Jacob Ben Widmar, Daxton Bloomquist, Graham Bowen, Ryan Breslin, Terren Wooten Clarke, Christian Delcroix, Delius Doherty, Ben Estus, Marja Harmon, Phyre Hawkins, Darius Nichols, John Eric Parker, Nick Spangler, Maia Nkenge Wilson, Tommar Wilson and Candice Marie Woods.