Can The Washington Nationals Stay Strong the Remainder of the Season?

The Washington Nationals started the 2014 regular season with three straight victories so go enjoy a game and buy Washington Nationals tickets online to save money. They managed to lead the National League East for a few days in April. Unfortunately, Washington found itself in second and third place throughout most of April and May. June, and the arrival of summer, brought some newfound life to the team, though. First place belonged to the team on June 8 for the first time in weeks. Can such newfound success be sustained?

Seeking out 2012 Results; Forgetting About 2013
Of course, Washington reached the postseason in 2012 thanks to a strong performance. The team faltered throughout most of the 2013 regular season, though. Getting hot toward the end of the season wasn’t enough to yield a postseason berth. Once again, a slow start hurt the Nats in 2014. Now the Nationals find themselves playing strongly, backed by great pitching and hitting performances. Plus, other teams in the National League East are faltering. Another postseason berth doesn’t seem like such a longshot.

Washington’s Schedule Offers Key Opportunities to Pull Ahead
Luckily, a handful of favorable factors will benefit Washington the remainder of the season. Favorable scheduling can help any team succeed, and the majority of the team’s remaining games are against lackluster opponents. Games against the Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, and Colorado Rockies should be easy in theory. Otherwise, a handful of matchups against the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants will prove challenging. Such a weak schedule could prove paramount to the team’s postseason hopes.

An Incredibly Deep Talent Pool
As far as talent is concerned, the Nationals are stacked with great players. Anthony Rendon and Adam LaRoche are putting up memorable performances this season. Bryce Harper came off the DL, looking to improve upon his decent numbers. Without a doubt, Washington’s true strength lies within its rotation and bullpen. Stephen Strausburg, Jordan Zimmerman, and Doug Fister are dominating opposing lineups. Perhaps no other bullpen is performing as well as the Nats’ bullpen right now. If you’re looking for a lack of talent here, you won’t find such a thing.

In the end, Washington once again finds itself with all the tools to succeed this regular season. Strong pitching and heavy bats are powering the team passed tough opponents. Stars like Anthony Rendon are giving the team hope for this season and future seasons. Therefore, it’s a reasonable expectation that the Nats will hold onto first place in the NL East. A wild card berth for the Washington Nationals wouldn’t be such a problem either, though.