Cowboys Analysis Next Season

Analyzing the Cowboys

On first glimpse, the Dallas Cowboys might seem to be a faltering franchise, but the team has plenty of opportunities to improve upon their strengths and fix their weaknesses before the upcoming NFL season so get ready to buy cheap Cowboys tickets. One of the most pressing matters to address is the defensive line. The Cowboys have talented players such as Henry Melton and Anthony Spencer, but both players have dealt with injury recently, and the team can only hope that they are healthy during the season. Moreover, Sean Lee, the Cowboy’s defensive captain, recently underwent surgery to fix his torn ACL. With Lee out for the foreseeable future, the Cowboys have a large hole to fill at linebacker. They must fill the position with someone who they can rely on; otherwise the defense will pay dearly.

Despite all the talk about how quarterback Tony Romo chokes in tight situations, he is a key returner for the Dallas Cowboys this coming fall, and many consider him quite underrated. Romo is the undisputed leader of the team, and about the only thing the Cowboys can do at quarterback is make sure they have enough depth at the position. Aside from backup Kyle Norton, the Cowboys don’t have much talent or experience in case Romo gets injured, so they need to give all their backups extra reps to mold them into better players.

Another thing the Cowboys must consider is how to bolster its secondary. Granted, the unit has players such as Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne, both of whom have much talent but haven’t lived up to their full potential. The team needs to make sure they can play at their best during the season.

One of the Dallas Cowboys’ biggest strengths is at running back. With Lance Dunbar and DeMarco Murray in the backfield, the Cowboys can count themselves lucky. In order for the team to use the talent though, they will need to draw up more plays that involve the running backs. If 2013 taught them anything, it’s that they should make better use of the speedy players they have.

That includes veteran wide receivers Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, who make quite the combo.

Overall, the Cowboys have a plethora of explosive players on the offensive side, but must work on thoroughly improving its defense before the season begins. If they can do that, and improve their younger players, they are sure to be a dangerous team this upcoming year.